You might be wondering out of all the possible title that i could name into my blog why Alive, some of you might think it’s a mystery? or signifies a life or death situation? stick around and you might find the reason why. but before i start my blog let me place a quote from Kevyn Aucoin.

“Today I choose life, Every morning when i wake up i can choose joy, negativity pain .. to feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices. Today i choose to feel, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.” -Kevyn Aucoin

Let’s face it humanity has experienced a lot of turbulent effects in nature, resources and themselves. Being a low type of human that resembles a pathetic greedy behavior doesn’t solve the problem. Sometimes I question myself, “Why does it always happen to me”, Why does it felt like I’m being fixate at the universe, or i’m being desolate at it. All those pressures stacking like a hill of a torn valley whom a lonely traveler who’s likely ready to face another problem or negativity in his life. But what i really don’t like about myself is that i think of too much, this brain right here it’s a really a bad neighborhood and you don’t want to walk straight right at it. It triggers me to do things which i’m capable of doing so.

But luckily I have those friends who would always be there for me in times of troubles and needs, they inspired me to do better. Each person that i have met would give me an idea of who they are. I also learned that inspiring them would make them realize that the suffering will end soon and thus it is not the end of their word yet.

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“They are more than friends, they are family.”

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